Beaches in the Eastern Suburbs, NSW

dsc04194-2dsc04187dsc04196-2dsc041991-2. Gordon’s Bay, 3. Coogee Beach, 4. Bronte Beach

Last weekend my friends and I went on a little road trip to the Eastern Suburbs beaches.

The sun was shining and summer is nearing its hot, sweltering end in Australia, so we thought it was time to make the effort to venture out of our Sutherland Shire bubble.

We¬†started our day at Coogee Beach. Coogee Beach actually has a ‘woman’s only’ section where you can comfortably get your nips out if you so please (and let’s be honest, what lady doesn’t love that option?).

We then drove the short distance to Gordon’s Bay, which is a beautiful little cove right near Coogee beach. So depending on your preference of beach or bay, Coogee is a fun day option!

We only got as far as Bronte Beach, which in my opinion is nicer than Bondi anyway, as it smaller and less crowded.

But if you are a tourist, it is imperative you visit Australia’s most famous beach! Bondi Beach even had its own television show at a point in time…


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