Gone South, NSW

img_5572img_57061. Sanctuary Point, 2. Jervis Bay

New South Wales’ South Coast is roughly three hours from Sydney’s CBD. It hosts some of the whitest sand beaches in all of Australia.

My favourite beach to visit down here is Jervis Bay, which is said to possess the whitest sand in the world.


Whilst here check out Hyams Beach, Huskisson and Sanctuary Point bush walk for outdoor activities. To start the bush walk, there is an entry down to the beach where you start the walk. It is at the joining of Sanctuary Point Road and Greville Avenue, and then walk to your right along the water until you see the opening.

The best time to visit down south is definitely summer time, so you can make use of all the beautiful beaches. But it’s also lovely to visit any time of the year (if the sun is shining) as it holds a¬†very¬†calming, beachy vibe all year round that definitely relaxes you.

If you’re a fan of ice-cream and hot fudge check out Fudge Addiction in Huskisson. If you opt for the ice-cream option, ask them nicely to pour some hot fudge on top! Located amongst the strip mall up from the beach.

img_5568img_55513. Sanctuary Point, 4. Sanctuary Point bush walk, 5. Drive down the South Coast

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