One day in Berry, NSW


Berry is a beautiful country town to visit and a favourite for Sydney-siders seeking a quick escape to the countryside. It is a 2 hour drive from Sydney’s CBD, which you can get to by train or car. My favourite mode of transport is by driving. Enjoy a peaceful, calming drive as you pass through the lush green countryside on one side and the vast blue ocean directly opposite as you drive through Kiama. Prepare your camera for the best views as you go over the top of the peak!


Whilst in Berry it is a must to visit the Bon Bon sweet shop for international and local lollies, and the Donut Van for the infamous hot cinnamon doughnuts. Don’t even bother trying to resist, you’ll definitely want more than one once you’ve indulged in your first bite!


Walk through the charming streets and discover unique boutique stalls, bakeries, lolly shops, chocolate cafes and craft stores.


Whilst in Berry I suggest treating yourself to a relaxing massage to really top off your trip. There are a few day spas and massages around the town; I went to the Beauty Loft last time I was in Berry, and hadn’t felt that relaxed in the longest time.


Berry is the perfect day-trip or weekend getaway destination year-round, providing you with a dose of luxury country style charm and a calming atmosphere, just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life.



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